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I Am My Own Cause: The Third Act; Surviving and Thriving is a fitting conclusion to this series of chapters in Charles K. Poole’s life, but by no means is it the end.


ISBN 13 (SOFT): 9781543456233
ISBN 13 (HARD): 9781543456226
ISBN 13 (eBook): 9781543456240

I Am My Own Cause: An Unfiltered Blog-View of Life As I See It

2008 was a year of major change in Charles Poole’s life. In the course of the year he:

  • Moved from the Midwest to the West Coast without knowing a soul;
  • Faced uncertainty about his professional future;
  • Struggled with challenges ranging from body image and emotional eating, to recurring medical issues; and grew increasingly aware that America’s fixation on mindless conformity was devaluing its greatest asset: individual self-acceptance.

He looked inward when he decided not to let personal challenges and other turmoil break his spirit. Writing became his coping mechanism and eventually took the form of a blog titled, “I Am My Own Cause”.

For a year beginning in November of 2008, Poole shared his struggles, addressed personal issues, provided opinions about America, popular culture, and faith and courage– virtually anything he thought and felt, without a filter. It was his catharsis.

In the months after he began writing, people he knew, as well as many he didn’t, responded to the messages they found on the blog and told him his posts reached them on very personal levels. They encouraged him to write more. “I Am My Own Cause,” conceived as a way to help Poole find the means to live an abundant, hopeful life became a rallying point for common sense, honesty and hope that connected people across race, age, sex and faith.

This work is a collection of some of the more thought-provoking, inspiring and humorous posts he wrote during that year. Each entry, written in Poole’s unique voice and based on his belief that every person has the power to change their lives, and the lives of others, is practical and inspirational.


I Am My Own Cause, Too: Hope & Recovery

“The journey of a lifetime continues as Charles K. Poole’s richly individual and universally resonant views take a very personal turn in his newly published book, I Am My Own Cause, Too: Hope & Recovery. In this follow-up to his well-received first book, I Am My Own Cause: An Unfiltered Blog-View of Life As I See It, Poole picks up where the last book ended.

Here, he writes from the heart about living, learning, and loving in the refreshingly honest way fans of his popular blog and book have come to expect. This time, he centers his words and thoughts on being hopeful in the midst of personal recovery from. . .almost everything.

Each selection in Hope & Recovery is an inspiring thoughtful reflection on living, and Poole doesn´t skimp on authenticity, preferring instead to fully reveal himself as focused on the journey and not just the destination. A journey through which, Poole believes, everyone can teach others and learn from others.

“Every day is rich with possibilities,” Poole reminds us. “And every one of us is able to create moments that define and affirm our lives and the lives of others. It’s only by asking ourselves tough questions and examining the meaning of the answers we find that we come to appreciate the gift of life we’ve been given. Our purpose is simple: Live. Learn. Love. That’s why we’re here.”